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Georama's Virtual Field Trips

Field trips provide great learning experiences for students. Unfortunately, physical field trips can only be done so often and they usually can’t go that far – due to financial and/or logistical reasons. That’s where virtual field trips come in. Georama’s live and mobile virtual fields trips are like no other, providing a new way to bring the outside world into the classroom when a physical trip is not feasible.

Unlike a recorded or produced video, Georama’s technology facilitates live interactive tours where students can interact with guides in real-time asking questions and making suggestions about what they would like to see, resulting in a personalized, engaging, and fun learning experience. Guides stream their perspective live and in HD while being completely mobile indoors or outdoors. Students, whether together in a classroom or remote, can watch and interact via any device whether it be a computer, tablet, smartphone, or even a VR headset. There are a wide variety of possibilities for live virtual field trips – from a tour of a manufacturing facility for STEM education, to a market experience in Barcelona for Spanish language immersion, or even visiting a company like Google to learn what its like to work there, and more. Georama’s live virtual field trips brings experiences to the classroom that were never possible before, enriching curriculum, and increasing students exposure to the world.